Boulder, CO: Day 1

Today was my first full day in Boulder, Colorado. That is to say, it was my first conscious day; I drove from 10 am Saturday morning to 2 pm Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it might sound, since I drove with my wonderful person, David and lovely dog, Lacey (who isn’t so lovely when she gets carsick and pukes in the car).

Anyway, we made it! Yesterday (Sunday) was a blur. We brought everything in with a shopping cart we found in the garage, which was awesome… it didn’t take us long since we only brought the essentials. We did forget a bed, though, so fashioned one out of two foam pads (which are meant to go on top of a bed). It’s surprisingly comfortable!

We made the mandatory trip to Trader Joe’s, which is an incredible 500 feet away from the apartment. I already am in love with this place. The people are astonishingly friendly and have beautiful smiles, and the bread and bananas are locally sourced. We also ran by Target which is even closer, and I grabbed a few pots and plants which are now sitting outside the back door of our apartment. I check on them often. I know it says 10 days until they’ll start to grow, but it can’t hurt to hope…

Lacey woke me up this morning at 5:30 on the dot, her eyes screaming to take her out!! We went on a long walk to the brisk chill of the Boulder sunrise. When we got back, I couldn’t sleep although Lacey went right back under. I made coffee and brought a cup to the kitchen table. I brought my book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig. I did some yoga. I made myself at home.

Eventually David woke up, and we decided to bring Lacey to the Flatiron trails in Chautauqua Park. We became so lost that we ended up miles away, on the Boulder Canyon Trail. In total we walked about 9.5 miles. Our bodies are rebelling, but hey, we’re in Boulder, it can’t hurt that badly.

Now, we’re sitting in a coffee shop filled with the warm, brown atmosphere of the coziest of rooms. the smell of coffee pervades the place, and a poetry open mic is filling in the background. This is absolutely wonderful.

David and Lacey, walking along a river somewhere in Boulder.
David and Lacey, walking along a river somewhere in Boulder.
Walking along the Boulder Canyon Trail.
Lacey, who can’t believe how many poops there are to smell in Boulder.

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