First post

To those who may read this, hello! This blog is mainly to keep my family and friends in the loop while I’m somewhere else. Currently, I’m living in Boulder, Colorado for the summer – I’m from Florida, but I found a place and a job here, and I’ve backpacked here a couple of times and fell in love. I ended up getting a tattoo of the Flatirons last time I was here, so this place has a permanent corner of my heart.

I also love to write about Experience (capital E because it seems appropriate), which I define as the process of moments spent in simple awareness and appreciation. They’re absorption moments, when you are wide open.

Aaaalllsooooooo I love coffee and everything to do with it, from the atmosphere of coffee shops to the smell to the conversations had in such places. So I’ll be writing from there, about there.

I hope you enjoy.



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