Flatirons 1/2 & Hannah comes to town!

Many exhausting miles later…

We hiked the Flatirons 1/2 trail today and brought Lacey! She’s used to the extreme horizontal-ness of Florida, plus she’s a bit overweight, so I didn’t think she’d do well but she flew through the trail. We humans, though, were dead by the first half mile of the 2.6 mile hike.

We also decided to walk to the trailhead… from our apartment… which is 50 minutes away.

Hannah got here! She’s a Good friend from home who’s staying with us until the 16th.

Anyways, our hike was absolutely wonderfully peaceful. In the book I’m reading, Pirsig talks about how climbing a mountain is about finding the pace which isn’t a fight against the mountain but more in tune with your body and the atmosphere. I tried this. But Lacey wanted to go faster, so faster we went.

At the top, we all had our tongues lolling out, panting for breath. We met a few people – something awesome about this place is that people say hi. They don’t only say hi, though; they say something unique, and special to the circumstance, like “Your dog is going to lose some weight at this rate,” or some such.

We saw a few free-climbers on the Flatirons. David: “Feel safe?” Climber: “Yeah.” Me: jaw on the valley floor. Too much height isn’t good for a person, especially when they’re from Florida. I trust the mountain, but with limits. Perhaps as I get to know it more.

So now we’re all back home, and Lacey isn’t moving. None of us are, actually. We’re about to watch Mr. Nobody – if you haven’t yet, it’s a good one! A really good one.

Until later.




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