The “Star hike”

Last time Hannah and I backpacked to Boulder we hiked this trail that took forever to find. It was December so we were absolutely freezing, yet it was incredible. We stayed at the top for a long time, just looking at the city below. One of us happened to look behind us – there was an enormous, glowing star tracing the side of  a mountain.

Since then, we’ve called that hike the “Star hike.”

Hannah, David and I went to the Laughing Goat for kombucha to wait for evening – the perfect time for the Star hike. IMG_1072

We walked around Pearl street for a few minutes, people watching and looking into the stores with the most welcoming doors.


We finally grabbed our bikes, which had been locked right outside, and took off in the general direction of the Star hike. We could see the path on the mountain, but no way to get there.

After biking around and asking a few people for directions, we finally made it to the dirt road leading to the hike.

The sun was perfectly leaning toward the horizon.



Although we didn’t bring Lacey this time, we did get some puppy time. This dog gave us about 2 seconds of his time before he found much more interesting things in the bushes.


When we made it to the top this time, we spent a while sitting, talking, and drinking kombucha.

When you truly love people – when you have found true friendship – these are the most wonderful moments in life.

Hannah found a couple of dandelions – did you know that the yellow flowers which are usually around dandelions are the first stage of dandelions? The flower dies in order for the dandelion seeds to open up.

It’s kind of beautiful, really.



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