Colorado Springs in May

Colorado Springs is beautiful in May.

We drove the hour and 45 minutes to visit my family, and to explore on our own a bit.

The first thing we did was find a hiking spot. I’ve found that Googling hiking spots and reading people’s blogs about their experiences helps a lot in finding good hikes… I read about the Red Canyon Open Space hike, so we went there. It took us a little while to find parking but we made it!

Turned out most of the trail was meant for mountain bikers, but it was absolutely beautiful nonetheless. We walked the red clay trail around huge rock formations, letting Lacey free to sniff and explore as she wished. We encountered a lake, and from there walked higher and higher, the path reaching toward the evergreen mountains ahead.IMG_2036

For most of the hike, I had to hold a bag of Lacey’s poop, because she chose the beginning of the hike as the time to poo and there were absolutely zero trashcans along the hike. I didn’t stop smelling the poop for days…

After the hike, we found a cool juice bar in the Springs called Nourish Organic Juice. I HIGHLY recommend their green power smoothie, because it is life.

We still were in the exploring mood and the sun was beginning to set, so we decided to find a beautiful place for the sunset. I found inspiration on a blog page about places to propose (sunsets are romantic…) and we headed to the Mesa Overlook. I can’t describe the breathtaking beauty once we got there. We were overlooking the Garden of the Gods and the Pikes Peak mountain range.


We also snapped some family photos…


It was a beautiful day all around. Afterward, we headed to my uncle, Ryan’s home where we watched Sixth Sense (great movie) and borrowed his basement as a home for the night.

The next day we woke up to the smell of breakfast and coffee. I don’t think there’s much better in this world.

We rallied our waning energy through a few mug-fulls of caffeine, then our four-part family and Ryan piled in Ryan’s truck. We drove to the Garden of the Gods,


explored a bit, then drove up Pike’s Peak to get coffee and donuts.


At 1400 feet, the altitude does indeed get to your head, folks. That, or they put something in the donuts.

It was cold up there – as we began to descend, snow started to fall. Absolutely beautiful, absolutely freezing.

Sometime this summer we’re planning on actually hiking to the top of Pikes Peak which is a loooooong hike – there is much more shape that needs to be gotten into, but I can’t wait.




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