The value of sunshine

Be sure you have a window facing the sun. Perhaps it should face the east, so the rising sun may wake you up, or sunset may be your choice. Regardless, build your home so that you cannot forget about sunlight. 

The warmth of walking out the door into a pool of sunshine is a completely unique experience. It’s been chilly here in Boulder for the past few weeks. I woke up to bring Lacey on her morning walk, blanching at the idea of leaving the warmth of our apartment… The surprise of sunshine was incredible. 

Later, I biked to work. David rode too, and while I was at work he programmed at a coffee shop nearby. When I got off work I asked where to meet him. He told me around the building, on a bench. 

That’s the most wonderful phrase, at 6:30 pm during Boulder’s Springtime. 

Biking home was nearly spiritual. 

I never want to forget the sunlight. Another tool for happiness ~ I’ll use this blog to begin a list. We all have to have our lists, I think. Otherwise, it’s easier to become lost. 


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