Flagstaff peak

There are some places which are somehow spiritual. Yesterday David and I, on the advice of a woman I met at the dog park, drove all the way down Baseline Road until it became Flagstaff Road. We stopped at Panorama Point… which turned out to be the top of the Star Hike. 

We started walking upwards, and it was a lovely, mostly horizontal path. We found a few incredible boulders, and stayed to watch a few climbers. 

After a while we realized we were almost at the top of a mountain. 

We kept climbing, until we reached a plethora of picnic tables, an old well, and a few house-looking structures. We turned left, toward an “overlook.”

We walked into the most magnificent mountain sunset overlook.

Happiness is something you run into, I think. If you chase it, it becomes an obsession. Don’t worry about being happy. But if you find it in places, or in people, or otherwise, then follow what you find. 


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