Memorial Day weekend in Boulder

The Boulder Creek Festival is as awesome as everyone has said it is! We woke up early-ish and biked to Pearl Street. We locked our bikes and walked for hours between the tents, wandering from free sample to free sample. The damage included energy jelly beans, popcorn, a whole bottle of fruit juice, honey, Clif bar pieces, and a lot more. After a few hours we found ourselves back at the Farmer’s Market. I went back for my Saturday dose of Rowdy Mermaid kombucha~ this time I got Basil Guava~ and we picked up a few more free samples. Finally we had passed all the tents, so we followed the sounds of the creek to a lovely patch of stones perfect for sitting.

After a time, we walked back toward our bikes. It began to rain, though, so we stopped in the Trident Bookstore and Cafe. 

This was yesterday, to be honest. I began this post about the most under-stated yet truly awesome aspect of Boulder yet: it’s bike-friendliness. It takes us, oh, 7 minutes to bike to our favorite coffee shop for music, the Laughing Goat, which is basically in downtown Boulder. Today, we spent a few hours exploring by bike~ we found David’s place of work. When we found it, the sun was just beginning to set. It was astoundingly beautiful. 

Also, when we biked home it was all downhill. That’s the best thing ever.


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