Tips for finding Home.

Based on my last post I decided to compile a small guide to finding a home, wherever you are in life. Realize that home is important.                 First college, then interning in Ireland last summer, and now being in Colorado for the summer: these experiences have taught me that I need a home. I believe … More Tips for finding Home.

Fresh Air

It doesn’t take much to find balance, yet it takes a decision and decisions are everything. As I wrote in an earlier blog post, it’s been an exhausting week. Working with children as a summer camp counselor is rewarding and affirming, yet it’s also a huge learning process and humbling experience. Being away from home this … More Fresh Air

Loneliness and Coffee

Sometimes we just need to be around other people. I was having an unusually gray morning today. I couldn’t become motivated, I didn’t really want to spend energy making breakfast or doing anything except laying in bed. It was partly exhaustion for sure; I don’t like going to sleep early because it feels like wasted … More Loneliness and Coffee