Working among the mountains 

It’s been a while!!

I started work this week — at the Kidz Kamp situated at East Boulder Rec Center, an only thirty-minute bike ride from the apartment. It’s been utterly exhausting but also the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I work mostly with the younger kids, around ages 5 through 7 and they amaze me every moment. They are fascinated in everything and excited so easily — all you really have to do is say “Race ya!” and you have a group of 20 kids laughing, screaming, and running in (hopefully) the right direction.

I’ve also been working with a few younger children with Autism. Although it has only been three days, I’ve been blown away by their beautiful minds. They see things differently, somehow; things that I take for granted are now wonderful and new, like the sound of knuckles rapping against a metal slide, or someone’s name. They also spend more time seeing… they gaze at things longer and with wider eyes as if to take everything in.

The bike to work is breathtaking. I’ve gotten lost far too often to admit, but getting lost has helped me get a feel for the area. I’ve biked under roads, along creeks, past buildings and farms and open space. Biking in the morning is a wonderful awakening and biking in the evening… the sun is just beginning to reach the Golden Hour by 6 o’clock. It is perfect.


Here is a lop-sided view of my path to work, since I couldn’t figure out how to flip it quickly and dinner is ready but I must finish post before dinner ahhhh
Since I haven’t posted in a while, I’ll catch up on Monday’s adventure. David and I wanted to hike, just for an hour or two, so we drove around until we found a trailhead. We ended up at the NCAR which was awesome (and we will be back to look around more)… we began to walk.

We were in an iffy mood at this point; something about the day’s vibes wasn’t right. We continued walking, though, despite the questionable mood.

We reached a creek only half a mile or so into our hike. We were looking for excuses to turn around, so we decided to hike up the creek for just a few minutes until we found a view worthy of being our end-point.IMG_1593

We hiked up the creek until we met a couple who had been in front of us — they told us the path ended there. It had been just a deer-path anyways, so we conceded our defeat and turned back. Lacey, though, had another plan and started walking on the rocks in the creek.

Okay, new plan: we would rock-hop for just a few more minutes.

That started to be really, really fun so we continued, stepping gingerly and clambering higher and higher. Finally we ran into the end of the hoppable rocks, where we met a guy named Thomas with his dog, Nala. They were super chill, Nala kept trying to give Thomas a log, and Thomas kept sitting right where he was, cheering her on. It was great. We talked to him for a bit, then Lacey again inspired a continuation of the hike by climbing right up the extremely steep side of the mountain.

Then ensued thirty to forty-five minutes of heavy climbing, slipping, getting scratched by branches, and being pretty much in high heaven. It was awesome. We met a guy climbing down who said he’d just climbed up the face of a flatiron, and that we were on a “climber’s path” back down (aka no path at all).

When we finally reached the top (of the mountain hell yea) we were exhausted but exhilarated. A storm was rolling in and a few droplets were falling, and it was Majestic (purposeful capital M). IMG_1608

We decided that we’d head down the other side of the mountain because we knew there wasn’t a real path down the side we had just come from, and the rain made us wary of slippery surfaces.

No path that side either, but we beat the rain.

It was a wonderful adventure. We can now say that we quite literally climbed over a mountain.

This photo was taken by a couple on our way home — it’s cool how couples kind of know to offer to take pictures of each other. Awesome trade-off. 

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