What is Boulder?

We’ve been living here for almost a month now, and this place has been changing and developing in my mind each day. I arrived subconsciously expecting the snow-covered city I found when I backpacked here I’m December. Through hiking, driving, meeting people, finding eateries, experimenting with coffee shops, and everything else, Boulder has become something different. 

One thing which I’ve found is constantly strong and beautiful in my mind is the mountain range along the horizon. I gaze at it as I bike to work and home, and dream of hiking ~ which I can easily do, since we live in the mountain valley. I love my home in Florida, but mountains speak to my soul. 

The sky has also baffled me; it is so different from my Florida sky. The breathtaking brightness is similar: 

Yet yesterday, when evening fell, the sky was completely unique. Our sunset was rainy and cloudy and deeply colorful. 

While it was pouring, we biked to Black Pepper Pho, only a street away. BEST PHO EVER… I got a lavender boba tea while David got the taro boba tea. ALSO BEST BOBA TEA EVER. We had mango sticky rice for dessert; sanity is possible when you work with kids, people. You just have to find little things to make you happy, like delicious dinner with a Good person.

So if you’re ever in Boulder… Go to that place. Please. 

Work has been wonderful yet exhausting. Children are constantly needing attention, and biking 30 minutes each way takes a lot of energy, but both are worth it. Working with kids is, I think, learning the ultimate forms of patience and understanding. Also, I’ve begun taking Lacey to the dog park each mornin since I don’t start until 10, and she adores that. David says she’s spoiled. I say heck yeah she is. 

All is well here. 


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