PB & J and more B

Hello beautiful foodies!!! I have a new one for you (at least, I’ve never heard of it!) 

Peanut butter and jelly aaaaaaand bananas. 

It’s not what you think; there is zero bread involved.

Step 1: Peel a banana. Slice it onto a plate, then lay all the slices down flat on the plate.

Step 2: With a knife, spread peanut butter on each slice of banana. I used creamy peanut butter, but crunchy would be great too!

Step 3: Now spread jelly on the peanut butter. I just let a dollop fall on each slice. I have used blueberry preserves (from Trader Joes) so far and it tasted fantastic.

Step 4: Eat!!! It’s a great movie snack, or perfectly filling for breakfast. 


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