A peaceful weekend in Boulder

Dear beautiful world,

This weekend has, so far, been absolutely wonderful. I shall start at the beginning.

After Friday’s work day, David and my friend Nick came to visit for the weekend. We went to Halffast Subs (because it’s really awesome and I have a new goal to try all of the vegetarian subs on the menu), then hopped in the hot tub, then went to Ripple for froyo.

This all was super relaxing… Saturday was the day of adventures.

Saturday morning we all woke up around 8 am, shoveled some breakfast down, then all piled in the car to go to the farmer’s market. Boulder’s jazz and art festival is going on this weekend as well, so we wandered around those tents too — we got kombucha, breakfast, lemonades with maple syrup… ahh, farmer’s markets. Simply walking around humans, saying hello, chatting, and trying things is an incredible experience.

When we became hungry enough we headed home, changed for hiking, and drove to Chautauqua with Lacey too. We brought climbing gear but ended up just hiking around until the rain and thunder made us turn back. Hiking with climbing gear, by the way, was hilarious because so many people asked what our crash pad was. We gathered quite a crew, walking up the mountain; people gave us bouldering advice, wanted to talk about climbing… people are just looking for reasons to meet. We’re all like little wandering bubbles that just want to bump into other bubbles and hold bubble hands.

After hiking we headed to Black Pepper Pho. David and I had a goal to show Nick our favorite parts of Boulder and of course food is included. After pho we headed back home to change then drove right back toward the mountains.We stopped at our usual bouldering spot halfway up Flagstaff and tried each bouldering route we found. The rocks are definitely harder on the hands than at a gym but when I look at my partly torn-up hands I feel absolutely badass.

We drove up the rest of Flagstaff after climbing, just in time for the deepest golden glow to light up our path. The trees filtered it into shadows, and threw the gold over the mountains like a shimmering blanket.

At the top, we met Robbie, another friend from home who’s working as a river raft guide in Colorado for the summer. We stayed at the summit, sitting among the rocks, until the gold faded to purples and blues, then to a chilly gray-black.Halffast subs again, of course. We spent over an hour catching up, with Lacey curled around our feet. This one guy walked up and really wanted to know what kind of dog Lacey is — yes, she’s cute but it ain’t just her breed. She simply has a shining personality.


This morning I woke up barely in time to make morning yoga on top of the Rio Grande’s roof. My roommate, Brittany, and my friend Cassidy came too — we met Brittany’s friend Amber there. The roof was absolutely full of people, yoga mat to yoga mat. Our teacher was a wonderful young woman with the perfect yoga voice. The class began soon after we arrived and was pretty challenging which was awesome, because my neighbors and I complained under our breaths the entirety of the ab-workout part.

One unexpectedly beautiful part of yoga was when we all did tree pose. Our teacher asked us to reach out our “limbs” and hold hands with our neighbors, then send them love.

Why the hell don’t we do this every day?!

After yoga I felt on top of the world. The sunlight was perfectly warm and the flatirons were standing tall in the distance. We walked downstairs for free morning margaritas, chatted for a while, then Brittany, Cass and I headed to Flatiron Coffee.

As Cass told me this morning, “I feel the happiest I’ve ever been.” This is true balance, at least for this time of my life.




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