Being barefoot:
I forget how important my feet are. It’s easy; they don’t speak loudly, they don’t often ache; they’re quietly reliable. 
I forget that I trust my feet, perhaps more than any other part of my body. They lead me more often than does my head, perhaps even more than my heart. They’ve carried me up mountains, through forests, and through years of love and pain and experience. 
We are given these bodies at birth and take them for granted; they are so perfect and beautiful and we are allowed to use them for a limited amount of time.
Sometimes I need to turn everything off except my feet, letting myself walk and walk and walk and simply experience the act of walking. My feet let me give everything up in order to walk. I give them the power to lead me, and they do so humbly. 
So take your shoes off, nestle your toes in warm summer grass and close your eyes. Feel the warmth reach into your skin and bones and sigh. 


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