The Makings of a True Friend

They validate who you are: A true friend knows that you’re weird as hell (because everybody is weird as hell in some way or other) and wouldn’t want it any other way. They laugh at the awkward, understanding your quirks and loving you for them. Around a true friend you never have to hold back or disguise your personality; you just let ‘er rip!!

They are open and real: This is how with true friendship, people change each other. With openness and authenticity, you may learn an entire new perspective on the world from one another. No two humans are exactly alike and it is a mistake to assume you’re friends because of your similarities; you are friends because something about your personal puzzle piece of a life matches with this other human’s.

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They adventure with you: There have been so many times when I wanted to do something adventurous but wouldn’t have actually bought that ticket if it weren’t for one of my best friends egging me on with gorgeous photos of national parks and getting insanely excited about the trip with me. True friends push you beyond your limits, training you to see outside of your own box and expand who you think you are. They make you hike that extra mile, wake up for the sunrise, and drive eight hours just to spend the day at the beach. They become ragged with you, dirty from the road and absolutely full of joy at becoming more openly human. They feel the fear of travel with you, the sense of loneliness and questioning, and you support each other through those times. Without these friends, life is missing something spontaneous and key.

They let you be silent: There are friends whom you always have to entertain, who always want more and more excitement in life with no down time; then there are friends with whom you can simply sit on a rock and watch the sun set, sipping Blue Moons and saying nothing at all. These friends allow you to think and reflect, essential aspects of true growth. You respect each other’s individuality.

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They let go: When the time arrives, true friends let you go. They smile and wave goodbye as you board the plane to go to some country hours away, where you won’t be able to talk everyday and you’ll definitely change fundamentally. You know they will change while you’re gone, too, but you trust because friendship changes with each moment of growth. Holding on too closely isn’t true friendship because true friendship requires this trust. You smile and are at peace because each little joy is worth a lifetime of trust.

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