Saying Goodbye

Goodbyes are hard for me; they’re probably hard for everyone. When I say goodbyes I mean the moment of parting with someone you love, where words are really never enough. I believe in actions. Perhaps just as much as words… each have their own time and place. For the past few days I’ve had to … More Saying Goodbye

Where the Sun Sets

On Tuesday morning at around 11:15, David, Lacey and I began the long drive to Pensacola, Florida from Colorado Springs. We made it in a little over 24 hours and finally arrived, exhausted, on Wednesday afternoon. I dropped David off at his home then drove to my own, 30 minutes away. As soon as we … More Where the Sun Sets

Colorado to Utah

… continuing the story of ending my time here in Colorado… I woke up the next morning completely refreshed. It was early morning and only a woman in the neighboring tent was awake as well. I let Lacey out and she wandered down to the creek for a drink. I followed her to get water … More Colorado to Utah