Change & what it means

Sometimes I follow life, accepting what it brings quietly and humbly and truly.

I do not forget though to fall in love with each era, trusting it with my entire soul.

The sky is a world full of dimension and life and meaning… it proves there is a reason to trust. There is more to each moment than I may ever understand and thus, I will be open.


I feel lost at times, unbalanced, teetering on an edge. I knew it when I gave my control to trust, but I still have need for meaning. My mind seeks something to hold onto as everything changes. I do not know who I will be when I return from where I am going; others have told me I will be different, I will be new.


This is why I will write about experiences, because I want to see the change. Do I have a right to witness my own alteration? May I record something so intrinsically natural?


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