Small acts of kindness

This week has been full of beautiful moments. So full, in fact, I feel like I must record them.

Just now I sat down in the couch room of my favorite vegan cafe, Dandelion Communitea Cafe in Orlando. There was one other person in the room. He was absorbed in a novel. I set my things down and pulled out my own book as he, seemingly awoken from his book, began to pack his stuff. As he walked out he looked down and said, “Have a good day.” I looked up and was astonished at the genuine care in his features. I said the same, and he left.

These moments are worth so much and I believe it’s because they are honest and open. Why, though, is this so rare?

Earlier this week I met a barista at Starbucks. Let me explain my week quickly: I’ve been floating, sleeping mainly at Hannah’s apartment and going from place to place with whomever I’m with at the time. How I ended up at Starbucks: Hannah had school at Valencia and dropped me off on her way. I read for a while at the outdoor tables and eventually moved inside to charge my phone (music). He was sweeping the floor, and bumped into my feet. I apologized and asked if he’s okay ~ he looked like his back hurt ~ he’d gotten hit by a car while biking. We talked and the conversation moved to where he goes to school and I said oh, my boyfriend goes there! And I found that he is roommates with a friend of David’s. They live in a co op and are working with the Orlando Permaculture Group. 

I went back to Starbucks today and he had talked to his roommate, Summer, about meeting me. After speaking again for a while he promised that, when I return from Nepal, we would all meet and I would be welcome in the Permaculture group. 

Yesterday evening I met my friend, whom I hadn’t seen for a year, walking along a path at Rollins. We excitedly discussed his year abroad and my upcoming semester in Nepal. Shree is from Nepal so I was especially eager to ask his advice and recommendations upon my arrival. After following him and our friend Grace to their apartment and chatting for a while (meeting another friend, Taylor, along the way) Shree asked if I’d bring his sister something from here. I agreed happily and he asked where I was staying. “A hostel for the first night,” I told him, and he immediately offered his own home instead. “Live with my family! They love that.” 

These beautiful connections are everything. 


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