Pulpit Rock

Over 20 miles of hiking, 100 miles of buses, 4 ferries, 2 rides from strangers, and a bazillion energy bars later, we’re here: 

We left Bergen with all the belief in the world that we could walk the 16 miles to Osøyro. 8 miles later we were on a bus happily riding to the city. 

Osøyro was quiet. We got off the bus and wandered around looking for affordable food. We ended up halfing a veggie pizza and chilling for a while, regaining energy and messaging our families. By the time we left it was almost 10 pm and still quite bright outside. 

We found a sign for a walking path and followed it. The path arced between small farms and beautiful farmhouses. We followed it around a lake and up into the hills until we found a spot high above the town, perfect for setting up the tent. 

In the morning the entire city was hidden by morning sunlight-washed fog. The fog rose and fell every few minutes like a wave, and we watched it for a while. We had no SD card for Anna’s camera, our phones were dead ~ we simply witnessed it. 

We packed up and walked back into the city. Everywhere was closed but two gas stations (it was a Sunday) so we got coffee at the second and let our phones charge. We chatted with a man there, and he offered to drive us to the ferry ~ we were aiming for the south, somewhere ~ so we took him up on it. He drove us through the mountains to a 12th century monastery, where we wandered a bit, then to the ferry and dropped us off with well wishes. 

We walked, then bussed, then walked to Stavanger. It is a larger city and we found restaurants and boats and cool homes. We found a guy with an SD card and traded him $12, a coke, and chocolate for it. We wandered. We met a man who offered us a ride to Pulpit Rock if we went with him and his wife on the ferry to Tau then a bus to their home city. We did this, having to run to the ferry but pause every few feet to look at tee sunset 

The man and his wife were beyond kind. He brought us into the mountains near Pulpit Rock and dropped us off, telling us we could camp in the woods then set off in the morning for the hike. 

We got coffee at a cafe in a hotel near the hike, then set off. It was only a few hours, and endlessly lovely. 


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