Hello! I’m SJ.

I just graduated with my BA in anthropology from Rollins College, and I’m about to start a master’s degree in Human Rights Studies at Columbia University. This is a big move for me; I’ve never been a city girl, and I tend to feel more at home among mountains and trees. Yet serendipitously, I keep meeting New Yorkers in my travels this summer, and each of them tells me to go to this restaurant, or find that coffee shop, or explore their favorite museums… New York sounds like a conglomeration of people’s homes, a multitude of favorite places and loved spaces.

I move to NYC in less than a month.

I’m currently living in Jamkhed, India, working as a social media and grant writing intern for the Comprehensive Rural Health Project. I’m trying to learn about public health, and to further flesh out what I want to do and how I can contribute to the world. My work here has been wonderful and I’ve met the most inspirational people, and half of me wishes I could stay here for longer ~ I had an existential crisis, should I just drop out of grad school?! But I’ll be where I am when I’m here, and be there when I’m there.