To the village

Breakfast at eight a.m. was the same, hard-boiled eggs with semi-sweet rice, and bread for buttering or peanut-buttering. After eating, I quickly packed olive-colored across-the-shoulder bag with my DSLR camera, water bottle, and wallet, and then found the car I was to take with Taylor, Stephan, Alex, and our guides (who were Surekah and Ratna) […]

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Do it for the chai

Despite the fact that I have traveled often throughout the past four years, I have not adjusted to the feeling of leaving one world and entering another. I still feel vividly uncomfortable, I haven’t figured out how to sleep on airplanes, and I become shy for a period of one to two days when I … More Do it for the chai


I’m sitting on the South Bend Line, in the second train to the nose, because I’m riding it all the way to South Bend Airport (and then, going to the University of Notre Dame). My planned route has taken far longer than it needed to, to get from point Orlando to point UND, but I … More Chicago


The window is open and the barest of sea breezes perfectly complements the warmth of the summer night. My fiance is playing guitar and singing a few feet away, perched upon faintly purple sheets provided by Ines, the owner of this quaint and lovely apartment on Carrer Bilbao. The sounds of conversation drift through the … More Barcelona